Owen sofa

The Owen sofa, a Verellen classic. The playful arm pillows strike you first when observing the design. Catering to a younger audience, the arm pillows give Owen a rejuvenated feel and add a great touch of comfort when lying in it. Owen is available as sectional and sleeper, adding to its versatility. 

Owen sofa
Sofa sizes
  • Condo
    218 x 102 x 84cm H
  • Sofa
    249 x 102 x 84cm H
  • Sofa XL
    279 x 102 x 84cm H
Sleeper sofa size
  • Sleeper sofa
    249 x 102 x 84cm H
  • Mattress size
    153 x 183cm D
Other dimensions
  • Interior depth
  • Seat depth
  • Seat height
  • Arm height

    Body details

  • Upholstery
    Upholstered only
  • Inner body
    Eight-way hand-tied, solid maple frame

    Seat details

  • Seat configuration
    Loose seat
  • Seat construction
    Foam down

    Back details

  • Back configuration
    Loose backs
  • Back pillows style
  • Back pillows fill
    Feather down

    Toss pillow details

  • Toss pillows fill
    Feather down

    Arm details

  • Arm details
    Semi attached arm pillows
  • Arm fill
    Feather down

    Tufting details

  • Tufting
    Optional Tufted Seat
  • Owen sofa
  • Owen sofa
  • Owen sofa
  • Owen sofa
  • Owen sofa
  • Owen sofa
  • Owen sofa
  • Owen sofa