Maxim sofa

Maxim is a sofa unifying best of all worlds, a business feel with a soft touch. Sophisticated yet playful in its clean lines but fluffy comfort, our Maxim Sofa will provide a soft place to land in any kind of space.

Maxim sofa
Sofa sizes
  • Condo
    224 x 104 x 86cm H
  • Sofa
    249 x 104 x 86cm H
  • Sofa XL
    279 x 104 x 86cm H
Chaise sizes
  • Chaise (LAF/RAF)
    122 x 185 x 86cm H
  • Chaise & half
    152 x 185 x 86cm H
Sectional sizes
  • Please refer to spec sheet
Other dimensions
  • Interior depth
  • Seat depth
  • Seat height
  • Arm height

    Body details

  • Upholstery
    Slipcovered only
  • Inner body
    Eight-way hand-tied, solid maple frame

    Seat details

  • Seat configuration
    Semi attached tight seat
  • Seat construction
    Spring down

    Back details

  • Back configuration
    Loose backs
  • Back pillows style
    Notch bottom
  • Back pillows fill
    Feather down

    Toss pillow details

  • Toss pillows fill
    Feather down

    Arm details

  • Arm details
    Attached to slipcover, inserts removable
  • Maxim sofa
  • Maxim sofa
  • Maxim sofa
  • Maxim sofa
  • Maxim sofa
  • Maxim sofa
  • Maxim sofa