Our Craftsmanship

Our Craftsmanship

Conceived in Belgium, perfected in the United States, Verellen offers the best of the Old and New world. Our European aesthetic mixed with an American savoir-faire is what makes us unique in the world of furniture making.

As one of the few upholstery brands to still offer 8-way-hand-tied sprung frames as a standard is something we are truly proud of. Verellen walks the fine line between modern and traditional and are passionate to bring these contradictions into a state of natural harmony. 

In what better city to achieve this balance than in High Point, North Carolina, where today the unique skills of furniture manufacturing are still passed on from father to son. We strive to create heirloom pieces that are built to last so that they, also, can be passed on to future generations. 

Next to our 8-way-hand-tied sprung seats, we craft our upholstery pieces exclusively with solid maple frames. Always hand-made using a four-way assembly by doweling, screwing, stapling and glueing. Our sustainably sourced maple is ideal for furniture making as it is incredibly hard and stable. Another ingredient making sure we can label our work rightly "heirloom".

Distinctive details. Elegant lines. Authentic materials. Forgiving fabrics. Tailor-made covers. Timeless sophistication.

Our Sustainable Promise

We reconcile with nature wherever we can, starting with the the wood used in or on our pieces,  sourced from sustainably managed forests. We work effortlessly with our suppliers to make sure fabrics are produced in the most sustainable manner possible, as are the raw materials used for them. We go as far as making sure the metal coils for our springs are crafted from reclaimed steel and even our cartons are made from recycled paper.