Verellen, a family affair.

Verellen, a family affair.

Verellen, established almost 25 years ago, out of the creative minds from Tom & Sabine Verellen has grown to be a name in the furniture industry by keeping true to their family values of kindness, a go-getter attitude and a savoir-faire which have been build in their products. After a quarter century in the making, the company is welcoming a second generation of Verellen's who have already set the mark for the brand's next chapter, while not losing sight of what brought them here in the first place. 

Made in the US of A

With the founders being Belgian, Verellen has never lost touch with their Belgian heritage or Europe has a whole. The company is through and through American, but solidly intertwined with its European ancestry. While in it's early years the company was moved through a couple of different cities, it has now, for almost 2 decades, taken roots in High Point, North Carolina. This is only logical, seeing High Point is to furniture what Detroit is to cars. The abundance of savoir-faire and know-how in furniture making is so plentiful, it making it the obvious choice for taking root in this part of the United States. 

An Atelier spirit with entrepreneurial drive.

Since 2019 the company has moved to it's newest plant, research and development center and offices. Employing over a 100 craftsman and craftswomen in the 20.000m2 facility, it is here the foundations are being build for the next generation of the brand. Although the growth and current size of the business demands much structure, our atelier spirit inspires us to stay true to our origins. Crafting custom and unique pieces have made us what we are today and will carry us to tomorrow.

Belgian Conception, American Perfection